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Halo by Parasound


Parasound have over 30 years experiences in Audio. It has been synonymous with rock-solid reliability, amazing sound quality and unequaled value.  Building on this reputation Parasound has created an ambitious new line of components, HALO by Parasound. This exciting series brings you the highest level of refinement, performance, and distinctive design.

Halo components have earned the highest praise from top magazine reviewers and critics across the globe. The striking industrial design of these products was given the prestigious Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, and their remarkable JC 1 power amplifier was crowned Amplifier of the Year by Stereophile magazine - a significant honor which until now was bestowed only upon products at vastly higher prices.

Every review has praised Halo's unprecedented level of accuracy, solid performance, flexibility, ease of operation, and exceptional value. The reviews affirm one of their fundamental objectives: to give you more for your money than any other product available

Why The pros choose Parasound.

Audio Equipement used by movie and recording studios must reproduce sound flawlessly, day in and day out.

That's why movie studios, artists and Oscar®- winning sound engineers all rely on Parasound.

Pro Also choose Parasound gear for their homes so they can enjoy music and movies exactly as they where made.

Lucasfilm has honored only ONE audio company- Parasound- with screen credits in Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and Episode III.

Parasound is your best choice

You can buy the same Parasound models the pros use and you don''t have to be as sound engineer to hear they sound great. Parasounds' commitment to quality is as evident in all of their product lines

In July 2012, EAA introduced the many time acclaimed amplifier JC-1 and the Pre-Amplifier JC-2.

The JC-1  Amplifier :

The JC 1 Monaural Amplifier might possibly be the world’s finest power amplifier. Parasound, John Curl and CTC Builders collaborated in the design of this amplifier to create a new standard for elegance, sonic precision and value. The JC 1 provides 400 watts into 8 ohms with 135 amps of peak current. Its 25 watts of pure Class A power is user-switchable to 10 watts of Class A power when heat dissipation is a concern. Other features include balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA connectors, a 12v trigger, an audio sensitivity trigger, adjustable turn-on delay, and a ground lift switch. Advanced circuitry, premier parts selection, unequaled sound quality, and stunning design are bound to make this amplifier a legend in its own time.

More details coming soon

The JC-2 Pre-Amplifier :

  • 6 pairs unbalanced RCA line-level audio input jacks
  •  2 input pairs can be switched to XLR balanced connectors
  •  Independent balanced/unbalanced select for the L & R channel
  •  Each channel’s input is switched by its own gold-on-silver contact relay
  •  4 output jack pairs with specialized functions:
  •  1 Main output jack pair is balanced XLR, polarity is switched by remote
  •  1 Main output jack pair is unbalanced RCA, polarity is switched by remote
  •  1 output jack pair is unbalanced RCA, inverted polarity only
  •  1 output pair is unbalanced RCA, normal polarity, fixed level for recorders
  •  Dual-mono left & right channel circuit boards minimize crosstalk
  •  Hand-matched complementary FETs
  •  Direct DC servo-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path
  •  Premium 4-gang motor-driven analog master volume control
  •  Separate TKD brand analog gain controls for L & R channel
  •  3/8" thick aluminum shielding around audio boards
  •  Shielding prevents noise from power supplies & control circuits
  •  Separate output jacks for simultaneous normal & non-inverting polarity
  •  Aluminum chassis rear panel
  •  Remote control polarity switching uses gold-on-silver contact relays
  •  Vampire brand 24k gold-plated RCA jacks
  •  Neutrik brand premium XLR connectors
  •  Canare brand internal wiring
  •  High capacity R-core audio power transformer & inductor
  •  Hyper-fast soft recovery audio bridge rectifiers diodes
  •  Independent power supply for controller, relay coils, triggers, LEDs
  •  Remote control handset controls all functions
  •  Discrete IR codes for remote control
  •  Four 12v trigger output jacks for power amp auto turn-on:
  •  Two 12v trigger jacks are switched by the remote handset
  •  Two 12v trigger jacks are live when the JC 2 is turned on
  •  Two-way RS-232 serial port connection
  •  Line level inputs only; no inputs for phono
  •  Audio mute is switched by independent L & R relays
  •  Rear panel IR repeater input & loop out jacks
  •  Premium detachable heavy gauge IEC AC cord
  •  2 6’ (2m) trigger wires included
  •  Remote handset also controls Parasound Halo T 3 Tuner
  •  3u Chassis, rack mountable with HRA3 (sold separately)

What They Say:

Stereophile -­‐ Recommended Components Class A Rating
Parasound Halo JC 2: $4000 r $$$

Styled to match the JC I power amplifier and finished in the same brushed, natural aluminum, the JC 2 exhibits a high standard of construction. Each channel of the fully balanced JC 2 is on a separate PCB, with the audio and control power supplies on separate circuits, isolated from each other by 3/8" thick aluminum partitions. ST was impressed by the JC 2's noiseless operation and excellent reproduction of space, which allowed music "to emerge intact—with body, bloom, and dynamics, with definition and detail—from an utterly silent background." JA agreed, but decided the JC 2 sounded best with warmer-sounding amplifiers and speakers, when it excelled in the areas of images and dynamics. "Perhaps the finest solid-state line stage I have heard," sums up ST. "This is what a great line stage does: lets all the other components perform at their best. The Halo JC 2 matched the Ayre KX-R in terms of openness and sparkle, but sounded leaner and could not reach the Ayre's level of deep musicality, said WP. Compared to the Simaudio Moon Evolution P-7, the JC 2 sacrificed body for leading-edge definittion, felt JA. One of Stereophile's "joint Amplification Components" for 2008. Configured

for home-theater bypass, the BP version of Parasound's excellent JC 2, preamplifier has a revised circuit board and front-panel control board that make possible the hybridization of a traditional analog two-channel system with a modern digital multichannel system. The Halo JC 2 BP looks almost identical to the Halo JC 2, with only the Bypass LED on the front panel and the letters "BP" added to the labeling front and rear. It offers both balanced RCA and unbalanced XLR inputs and outputs. KR heard no difference between a direct connection from pre-pro a to power amp and a connection via the JC 2 BP's by- pass function. Owners of existing JC 2s can have their units upgraded to BP status for $500. (Vol.30 No.12, Vol.31 Nos.3 & 11, Vol.32 No.3, Vol.34 No.6 WWW; 'BP version Vol.34 No.3 www)

The Absolute Sound, January 2009 Preamolifier of the Year

It was daring of Parasound to call its John Curl-designed linestage preamplifier the JC 2, since the original Mark Levinson JC-2 preamp (also designed by the estimable John Curl some thirty years ago) was the device that First put solid-state preamps on an equal footing with the tube preamps of William Zane Johnson of the Audio Research Corporation. Back then, the JC-2 didn't really sound much like, oh, an ARC SP35-1. Nowadays, however, Curl has managed to create a quite affordable preamp that does seem to offer some of the same dimensionality and air and bloom and neutrality that, previously, only tubes gave you, without sacrificing any of the bandwidth, transient speed, or clarity of solid-state. This is a terrific linestage preamp that would be a Product of the Year in any year. The poor (or poorer)

man's Audio Research Reference 3. (Reviewed by JV in Issue 182)

Stereophile, March 2008 by John Atkinson

The JC 2's channel separation was superb, at >120dB below 10kHz in both directions, a tribute to the circuit board and component layout. The preamplifier also offered very low levels of noise. .... Harmonic distortion was also vanishingly low... overall, the Parasound Halo JC 2 offers superb measured performance, as I have come to expect from John Curl designs.

I have a quibble with the remote, which, with its concave bottom and the weight of the batteries all at one end, proved adept at falling off whatever I placed it on.

But when, in a review of a high-end component, a writer is reduced to criticizing the remote control, for goodness' sake, it's a sign that everything else is pretty much beyond criticism. No, you don't want to pair the Halo jC 2 with lean- sounding power amplifiers or loudspeakers, but otherwise, Sam Tellig called it in his column in the December 2007 issue (p.24-27): "The JC 2 allows music to emerge intact—with body, bloom, and dynamics, with definition and detail—from an utterly silent back- ground.... [T]he jC 2 excels at the reproduction of space." Nothing in my auditioning persuaded me that the inestimable Mr. T. had gotten it wrong. In fact, he—and Parasound and _John Curl—got it very right. And at a price that will be within the reach of real- world audiophiles.


Positive Feedback

Max Dudious

The Parasound Halo JC 2 is a "semi-mass- produced" preamp that has the sound of small- production run "boutique" gear. It has a very impressive parts list, features list, and specifications list. It is truly exceptional in comparison with my, admittedly older, pre-amps. It delivers greater detail yet seems more relaxed, delivers larger sound-stage without forcing that on the listener; altogether it is more lifelike, and produces more "in the room" sound than I have
yet experienced in my listening area, with my gear. It has many features, yet is ergonomically user- friendly and easy to use. It is flexible, and it can be run in either balanced or unbalanced mode. It is set up to trigger a pair of JC 1s, and I can testify that it sounds remarkably well suited to drive its big brother amplifiers. It also drives my tube amplifiers to new levels of resolution, which doesn't surprise me. It responds well to "voicing" with well chosen interconnect cables. With my gear, in my room, it seems to like the very neutral, very analytic Eclipse interconnects, by WireWorld. These, and their related loudspeaker cables are very good at picking up details "down in the mix," so you don't have to play the entire system as loudly to hear them. This is a very good preamp, excellent in most regards, that will deliver lots of detail without getting in your face, and retain its sweetness all the while. It likes all kinds of music. At $4K MSRP, I find it a bargain for an upper tier piece. I may be a bit flowery, but I do believe it is a great all-purpose preamp, a preamp for all seasons.

This is a price that is so good, I think you could buy it without hearing it, and that is as high praise as I can offer. But if you do buy this one as a present for your wife, I think any reputable Parasound dealer will give you a trial run. It's hard for me to imagine an amp with which it won't be comfortable, or a CD player it won't be able to accommodate. This one's a keeper. And when you phone up to place your order, be sure to tell ‘em that Max Dudious sent ya'. Ciao, Bambini.

Max Dudious 

Give it a try.