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La Rosita

LA ROSITA is to little known compare to its the extraordinary sound quality & musicality that it gives you. It is a unique DAC created and made by DB System in France. It is based on the Apple® Airport Express ® using Airplay® .  Many people have tried to reproduce this sound including famous brand but nobody came close to it.  It is much more than a few tweaks and that is where the ingenuity of Mr. Dan Bellity makes the huge difference.  Today more brands proposes an Airplay integrated in their products but the sound is fare lower in quality, transparency, details, musicality and it is the only DAC that sound so analog.

DB System developed their own clock and own secrets to make this outstanding products. The equipments used alone during the construction process exceed half millions Euro and it is not at reach of anybody.  Thirty years of experience is paying.  

It has been many time acclaimed in Europe by circle of audiophile.  Being known in France for more than 10 years, it now  gaining recognition in all Europe and wordlwide. Only audiophile will directly recognize its greatness and unicity.

You will find many more information on the following website:

Rosita is available at many dealers in Taiwan for listening.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you like to try.

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