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Wyred 4 Sound is committed to providing exceptional products. They proudly design and manufacture affordable high performance audio equipment. Innovative designs and outstanding customer service will ensure that your experience with W4S is memorable and enjoyable. Through careful planning from the earliest stage of R&D, to the release of our products, they present gear with remarkable build-quality and performance to customers.. They understand what you are looking for and know how to deliver it, let them help you rediscover your music.

EAA is from the beginning with Wyred4Sound .

You will find in Taiwan:

The DAC2, DAC2-DSD, DAC2-DSD SE, The pre-amplifier STP-SE, The amplifier SX-1000, the Mint, the µDac, µDAC-HD, the µ-Link, The USB Cable and the Musical Server.

DAC 2:
We call it the killer DAC. Your reference DAC solution.




Musical Server

The mInt ... Superb Design, great performance, all in one integrated DAC + Amp + PreAmp.

To know more about the product and where to buy, please contact Miss Tsao:  02 / 2791.1319

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