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TotalDac review

Since the Dual came out, we found many forums talking about it and reviews that followed.

Totaldac is the most 'analogue' sounding DAC I heard. And by 'analogue' I mean vinyl like raw character rather than sweet & round   Marcin from Jplay

"TotalDAC, no doubts, belongs among the best''  by Marek Dyba / High Fidelity in Poland

"Really very interesting for tube lovers."  Wilfried Kress, Hifi&Records (d1-dual test)

"The degree to which it bested what I knew (including APL Hifi, Audio Aero, dCS, EMM Labs, Esoteric, Weiss, Meitner and Zanden) was unexpected.''

"The D1-Dual DAC is one of the finest sounding DACs I've had the pleasure to live with and listen to.
So natural, so life-like, it leads you directly to the music being played with very little reminder that you are in fact listening through a hi-fi. Stunning." 
Michael Lavorgna, AUDIOSTREAM (Stereophile) Sep 17, 2013

"I was completely shocked and actually spilled out the word wow without realising it."  Dan from HifiPig

"sensational natural sounding DAC."Stefan Schickedanz, AUDIO.DE Germany

"Exceptional unit, both technically and musically. Amazing what you can still get out of the good old CD. A true experience, providing the rest of the system is on the same level."   Jürgen Saile, HIFIstatement

"Nice Nice Nice. So Warm. Nice Nice Nice. Absolutely captivating. Just great."
 Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, about Voxativ speakers + d1-tube or a $35K turntable

"this system was “very well.." Mal Kenney, Parttimeaudiophile, still about the same Voxativ Alfred Kainz’s Highend-Electronics system

About the reclocker
"With the reclocker, music sounded more refined, more nuanced, and simply more natural.
I also noticed that instruments had a greater sense of tonal richness and density.
It also offers real and easy to hear improvements.
"   Michael Lavorgna, AUDIOSTREAM (Stereophile)    Posted: Dec 5, 2013

About the Musical server
"hearing very subtle changes in Jimmy Scott's vocals and inflections that were never apparent to me before.
...mimics hearing the real thing right in front of you as if you could move in closer,
physically, to the performance/performer breaking down the barrier between reproduction and listener.Stunning.
This totaldac pairing was responsible for some of the most convincingly natural and enjoyable music reproduction
I've had the pleasure of experiencing in my listening room.
So on a purely sonic level, the totaldac d1-dual DAC and d1-server are exceptional.

Miss Tsao,
Feb 7, 2014, 12:09 AM